The National Church Leaders’ Consultation, comprising of the leadership of the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Dutch Reformed Church, Uniting Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church of Africa, The Salvation Army, International Federation of Christian Churches, Ethiopian Episcopal Church, Jerusalem church in South Africa, The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, the SACC, the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, Shembe, Baptist Convention of South Africa, Assemblies of God strongly resent the efforts of Dr Motshekga, the ANC Parliamentary Caucus and the ANC desk for Cultural and Religious affairs to muscle in on and manipulate Church Leadership Structures.

We are leaders in our own right and lead by Biblical mandate.

We are deeply offended by efforts by Mr Livhuwani Matsila and others to infiltrate our meeting in Johannesburg without invitation.

This is an unwarranted intrusion on our discussions and compromises our freedom of association and of religion.

We call on President Zuma to hear this clearly and to engage with us in our own capacity.

Dr Motshekga does not enjoy our confidence.

Issued by the National Church Leaders Consultation, meeting in Johannesburg.